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The Most Comprehensive Chess Variant Program In The World

Zillions of Games is a program for Windows that plays over 300 board game variants and puzzles in a single, smooth user interface. With Zillions you can match wits against the computer or play against a friend over the Internet.

Written by professional chess programmers, Zillions of Games plays a good game of standard "International" chess. But, more to the point, it contains many times more chess variants than any other software, including:

 3 Pawn Chess  Knightmate  Pocket-Knight
 Berolina Chess  Losing Chess  Progressive Take-All
 Cylindrical Chess  Maharaja and the Sepoys  Shatranj
 Emperor King Chess  Double Move (Capture)  Shuffle #1
 Extinction Chess  Double Move (Checkmate)  Shuffle #2
 Grasshopper Chess  Monster Chess (4 Pawns)  Stationary King Chess
 King vs. King  Monster Chess (8 Pawns)  Take-All
 King and Pawns  No High Ground  Trapeze Chess
 Kinglet  Non-Prise Chess  Ultima

Plus these chess variants on small boards:

 Baby Chess 5x5  MiniChess 5x5  Petty Chess 5x6
 Los Alamos Chess 6x6  Opposing Bishops 5x5

And these regional variants:

 Burmese (Sittuyin) 8 starting positions  Jungle Chess (Shou Dou Qi) 2 variants
 Chinese (XiangQi)  Korean (ChangGi) 4 starting positions
 Japanese (Shogi) regular & mini (5x5)  Thai (Makruk) 2 variants

Zillions also comes pre-loaded with standard setups for Pawn-odds, Knight-Odds, and Rook-Odds. In addition to all that, by simply right-clicking you can add a one of these predefined fairy chess pieces to the board to create your own fairy chess game:

 Alfil  Camelrider  Empress  Grasshopper  Maharaja  Squirrel
 Alfilrider  Dabbaba  Fers  Gryphon  Nightrider  Wazir
 Berolina-Pawn  Dabbabarider  Giraffe  Lion  Mao  Weak-Pawn
 Camel  Dragon  Gnu  Locust  Princess  Zebra

Then there are puzzles... Warm up with a Knight's Tour and then try a Camel's Tour! Can you fit 10 Maharajas (Amazons) on a 10x10 board? How about swapping 24 Knights? Zillions has a lot to offer the chess variant enthusiast here as well:

8 Queens Problem
 Eight Queens Problem  Six Queens Problem  Ten Maharajas Problem
 Maximal Knights  Sixteen Queens Problem
Chess Swappers
 4 Knight Swap  10 Knight Swap  Bishop Swap  Alexander Knight
 6 Knight Swap  14 Knight Swap  Crossing the Danube
 6 Knight Swap II  24 Knight Swap  Through the Crowd
Knight's Tour
 Bishop's Tour  Knight's Tour 4x5  Knight's Tour 8x8  Queen's Tour
 Camel's Tour  Knight's Tour 6x6  Knight's Tour Solitaire

Zillions also includes many other games such as Tafl variants (played with pieces that move like Rooks) and Neutron (played with pieces that move like Queens).

Zillions of Games is the first expandable board gaming system, which means that new games can be added at any time. Download new games free from the web. You can even create your own games by writing the rules in text scripting language!

Zillions supports all the features you would expect from a high-quality chess program: board editing, Internet/LAN play, navigation/take-back, adjustable strength/time-control, contextual/statusbar help, legal move display, game loading/saving/printing, scoresheet, search status, solutions/history/hints, and much more.

For more information, please visit the Zillions of Games website at:

To order a copy now here: Zillions Store.

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