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Potter's Opening

(1) KP-K4 : KP-K4. (2) B-QB4 : B-QB4. (3) Kt-B3 : Kt-B3. (4) White resigns.
This is supposed, now, to be the name of an effective opening, simple to play and easy
   to remember, which I have invented for use against a more experienced player who is
   absolutely certain to win.  It consists of making three moves at random and then
   resigning.  The dialogue runs as follows:
SELF: Good.  Excellent (Opponent has just made his third move).  I must resign, of course.
SELF: Well... you're bound to take my Bishop after sixteen moves, unless... unless...
   And even then I lose my castle three moves later.
OPPONENT: Oh, yes.
SELF: Unless you sacrifice there, which, of course, you wouldn't.
SELF: Nice game.
SELF: Pretty situation... very pretty situation.  Do you mind if I take a note of it?
   The Chess News usually publishes any stuff I send them.

It is no exaggeration to say that this gambit, boldly carried out against the expert,
   heightens the reputation of the gamesman more effectively than the most courageous
   attempt to fight a losing battle.
   - Stephen Potter, The Theory and Practice of Gamesmanship

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